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INSTORT ducts and fittings

INSTORT ducts and fittings

These are rectangular ducts and fittings of galvanised sheet used in residential buildings, offices, nursing homes etc.
This is the so-called Dutch system, where ventilation is carried out in the walls and ceilings of buildings. This solution works well in facilities with limited storey height, for which suspended ceilings were not planned.
Method of manufacture – spot welding.

Standard dimensions:

170 x 70 mm
200 x 80 mm
220 x 80 mm

Other versions on request
Straight ducts are produced in standard length: 3000 mm.
Fittings have muff dimensions (173×73, 203×83, 223×83 as a standard).
Ducts are connected by means of muff connections .
length of the muff connection L=100mm – standard
Possibility of prefabrication, joining ducts and fittings in sets, which enables quick assembly on the construction site.
Example project using ducts of Instort type.

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