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Rectangular dampers

Rectangular multi-leaf dampers

Product symbol: PPW

  • They can be mounted in walls, ventilation ducts and air handling units.
  • Material – galvanised steel or aluminium
  • Damper regulation:
  • manual mechanism – type R – standard
  • for cylinder (extended axis) – type M
  • Components of dampers:
  • frame – galvanised profile SB20 up to the dimension of the long side 999mm and SB30 from 1000 mm, or aluminium profile- 30 mm
  • aluminium blades
  • plastic seals in the blades as well as in the base
  • gear wheels and bearings made of polyamide reinforced with glass fibre
  • manual damper mechanism – handle and rosette made of glass fibre reinforced with polypropylene
  • Dimensions:

A – width of damper
A – max 3000mm
B – height of damper
B – min 211 mm
B – max 2500mm

  • Length :
  • galvanised steel L= 175 mm
  • aluminium L=125 mm
  • For width B>1200 the damper is made as split.

Rectangular single-leaf dampers

Product symbol: PPJ

Material – Galvanised sheet
Ended with “fixed” mounting frames
Adjustment is by means of a manual mechanism

Standard dimensions:

A – width
B – height
C – depth
D – installation distance of the manual mechanism


C = B
D = 1/2C

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