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Ventilation hoods

Ventilation hoods


  • Industrial hoods used above workstations in a wide range of technological processes.
  • They effectively remove fumes, dust, vapours and odours from processes such as soldering, gluing, mixing various types of solutions and chemical compounds.
  • Used in drying rooms, in welding, during grinding, in charging rooms for battery trolleys, during polishing or cutting.



  • As a standard, the hoods are made with connections on the outside, which makes them aesthetic on the inside and facilitates maintenance.
  • On the underside, around the entire perimeter, there is a gutter, which collects the condensate and also serves as reinforcement of the structure.
  • Connections are secured with a “U” profile, thanks to which the structure from the external side is both aesthetic and properly reinforced.
  • The hoods can be made of galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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